Website copy samples

Website copy samples

Website copy is a core part of your brand messaging. It’s not just about having content on your website that explains what you do. It’s about optimizing it for search engines to find you and make you visible to customers. From there, you take customers on a journey that answers their questions and moves them to act.

A non-profit website that serves as a follow-up tool for new believers to find helpful Christian resources.

Website copy for a South African executor of deceased estates.

I helped this client, Tracey De Kock, get clarity on her profile, website copy and service offerings in coaching and image consulting. 

Home education blog Homeschooler’s Life

My own homeschool blog providing resources and information to help homeschooling parents choose the right curriculum.

I helped write the website for my team, the Copy Avengers, led by Chief Tony Stark Policci.


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