SEO-optimized blog posts

SEO-optimized blog posts

SEO-optimized blog posts are long-form articles of at least 1500 words or more and aim to answer the reader’s questions on a given topic, service, or product.


Sub-headings and content include researched keywords (without stuffing them) on the given topic, making the piece easy to find on Google. 

  • Examples of such posts can include:
  • How-to pieces
  • Ultimate Guide to x pieces
  • Product/service comparison posts
  • List-type posts
  • Tutorial posts
  • Informational/educational posts

And more.


Benefits of SEO-optimized blog posts

SEO-optimized blog posts have more benefits than you think, because it’s not just about creating content to populate your website. As part of a strategic content marketing plan, long-form blog posts help you:

  • drive more traffic to your website
  • increase your domain authority
  • get more sales.
  • save you time in explaining answers to client’s questions because you can point them to one of your comprehensive posts.
  • demonstrate your expertise and credibility to them in a 5-minute read. Readers won’t need to go anywhere else unless they are not the right fit for you.

If you would like to discuss a monthly blog posting package for your business, email me using the contact details below.

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