Build a Blessed Business Workbook


Take the time to think through the ideas you have to build a business.

Pray it through, consider the potential, the possibilities, the pricing, your target audience, where they are, and how you will connect with them.

Most importantly, this Build a Blessed Business Workbook creates a space for you to hear from God regarding EVERY aspect of the business you want to build.

Download today to start getting the clarity you crave!

Do you want to expand your income?


Would you like help moving your ideas forward with a strategy?


Get the Build a Blessed Business Workbook to help you do just that.


Every week I see posts on Facebook from people looking to make more income on the side, without having to join a network marketing business to make it work.


I’ve felt moved to do something to help by creating the Blessed Business Building Workbook that will take you from considering an idea to a SOLID business.


Overwhelmed with stress?


Doubting your ideas?


Wondering whether you have the resources to make it work?


Are you scared it will all fail, and take the last of your hope right down with it? I get it.


The fear is enough to keep you from sleep, especially if you have kids to provide for.


But what if you could build a business and actually know that the thing you’re doing is THE THING you SHOULD be doing?

What if you could exchange the fear and desperation for courage, confidence, and excitement?


What if, with God’s help, anything was possible?


This workbook will help you:

  1. Reflect on and pray through any lies you believe about building a business and embrace God’s truth about it.
  2. You will find space to prayerfully map out the potential behind gifts and skills that come naturally to you.
  3. You will discover that you too are called to build something for your family, AND, that with God as the Master Builder, you CAN!

Get your copy today. When you’re done working through it, send me an email – I’d love to answer any questions you may have.


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