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what blogs can do for you

Customers search for answers to their problems – they want information. 

They want to know who to talk to, why they should talk to you, and they want to see evidence that you know how to solve their problems. 


Regular blogs provide a simple way to provide all of this.



The idea is not to produce content for content’s sake, but to create powerful information that positions your business to:

  • be seen,
  • to connect,
  • answer your audience’s questions and needs,
  • and give them a call to action.
Content waters the seeds of marketing you sow every day.

From R1 650 per post

  • 1 SEO-optimized blog (1500 words) + research + 3 license-free images
  • I provide the topic, the text and the image, you upload the content
  • 4 social media posts based on the blog’s content
  • One round of revisions for minor changes
  • Turn-around time – 72 hours or less!

website copy

So many people agonize over their website copy, fussing endlessly over word choice, tenses, grammar, sentence length, headings, calls to action, and on and on. The consequence? It never gets done. Stop torturing yourself!

I will write website copy that reflects your brand, style, voice, and get your message across in precisely the words you’ve been looking for.

From R850 per web page

The process of writing website copy includes a consult to clarify the brief, sitemap and scope of the project regarding images, length, purpose of the page, keywords to be used, etc. Finalized quote provided on request.

Effective website copy draws your customer in!


This is where I prune your copy and weed out all the fluff so your message comes across with compelling clarity.


Be warned – this can be a little bit brutal, but the results are ALWAYS worth it. 


I will hold your hand, but I will also be honest – for the sake of your business, your customer, and your own skill and confidence.


From R550/hour

I do editing in Word using tracked changes so you can see what I’ve changed and why. This is an important part of the process and allows you to work with the changes you like. One round of minor revisions per project.

pruning and copy editing
Copywriting and editing is about getting your message across as clearly as possible. Let's clear out the weeds and dead ends so your business value can shine!

marketing strategy

You tell me your story, your successes, your failures, how your business came to be and where you want to go with it (through a consult and questionnaire).

All that information is like seeds full of potential. We confirm a timeline for milestones.


I think with you, bounce ideas, do the research, and then present you a proposal full of actionable steps to take (either on your own or in collaboration with me) that will achieve your goal. 


The seeds of potential in your business are then all set for growth!

From R3 490

This includes:

  • a 1-hour consult after you’ve completed a questionnaire
  • a proposal sent to you with the strategy researched and mapped out
  • a second 30-min support call to help you with implementation
sprouting businesscopy
You CAN grow your business easily, strategically, organically (i.e. without spending a ton on ads).

What clients Have Said

Heideli is an excellent freelance content writer. She has written many articles for Xperiencify, is always on time, and turns in publish-worthy first drafts. She is also delightful and easy to work with. She makes my job as an Editor very easy. I highly recommend taking advantage of Heideli's talent (as I do whenever I can!).
Tamara Toles
Editor-in-Chief for Xperiencify
Heideli has done copywriting for the website for a few years already. It has been a pleasure to work with her because she works independently, does thorough work and gives creative proposals.
Bouwe van der Eems
Co-founder of SAHomeschoolers
I have had the pleasure of working with Heideli on several communication campaigns for our organisation. Just some of her many skills - aside from being a gifted copywriter - include strategic thinking, which asks constructive and relevant questions that encourage helpful drill-down to the essence of what one is wanting to communicate. Another is her creativity. Heideli's sense of humor, integrity and exemplary work ethic make for a great team-player. I would have no hesitation in recommending her copywriting and strategic thinking skills to any organisation.
Marc Ries
Managing Director at Bring Life2Learning PTY Ltd

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