Best Products For Growing Your Customer Base Online

Do you think other businesses have more online success than you? Are you wondering what tricks and tools help grow their online customer base so well? Take a look at what could be the perfect fit for your business and your specific target audience. If you can grow your online audience – anyone can – it means more business, more money, and opportunities to do more with your business than before.

How do you grow your customer base online?

Not every business should be on every social media platform. If you are in corporate business analysis, it’s unlikely you will find your audience on Instagram. If you are a business coach, networking on LinkedIn may be much more effective than Facebook.

Just because your business has a social media presence does not necessarily mean that it is successfully connecting with your target audience and guiding them to buy from you. Awareness of your business is only the beginning of the beginning. Your target audience needs to know why you stand out, what you offer that is different from your competitors and what makes your business trustworthy. When you target audience gets to know your business and see interactions that offer value, they will begin to trust you and consider engaging in a transaction.

Content doesn’t necessarily = business growth

Another misconception is that producing tons of fancy-looking content on a regular basis will automatically grow your business. It’s not about producing content. It’s about offering value online. Demonstrate the solutions you offer to your target audience. Share stories and show personality in a way that is appropriate to your brand but that stands out with originality. Content is a way to do that and there are different types of content platforms to experiment with. If your audience is mostly made up of busy business people who download podcasts, you may get more out of that than writing. There’s no reason you can’t try producing multi-purpose content for different platforms to see what works best!

Why is it so hard to grow your customer base, especially in the beginning?

It’s hard because it can feel overwhelming, you may be doubting yourself or your business idea and whether you can actually pull it off. You may be having a hard time convincing yourself that your business has something to say that people will pay attention to. Maybe you have a brilliant head for business concepts but struggle to market it with confidence.

Identify the challenge, get support and get help so that you can move forward.  Whatever you do, don’t overthink too much and get stuck. Impostor syndrome is always knocking and waiting to hold you back. Keep reading to look through some tools that can help.

Best Products to Grow Your Audience

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.

Would you like to do your own blog writing and learn how to monetize it?

Whether mommy-blogging is your thing or not, Suzi Whitford’s content is well worth a look. No fluff, and it honestly does NOT cost a fortune. Just actionable content that helps take away the mental agonizing over tasks that help you make real, measurable progress. She even has plenty of free cheat sheets as well and planners that help you systemize what you are working on. Fill in the planner and follow through and you’ll get results.

There are two courses relevant here: 

Blog by Number 

The perfect course for those who want to start a blog, find their perfect blog idea, get step by step help with the technical parts, learn how to get traffic and how to make money with their blog.Image of the blog by number course

If you would like to write your own business content, we’d be happy to edit it for you to help you make sure you’re getting your message across.

Email is not dead. Grow your email list with Convertkit or Mailerlite.

Subscribers who read your emails are people who are willing to support what you offer. They are interested in you, your business and what you do. Keep in touch with an email service that keeps your mailers and newsletters out of the spam boxes and come with easy templates and sleek designs. If you are starting out small and don’t want to spend a lot, check out Mailerlite.

Are you a Convertkit fan but not sure how to get the most out of it? Do you have a mailing list but struggling to grow it?  Check out Suzi’s List by Number course. It will teach you everything you need to know about Convertkit to grow your email list to thousands in a few months.List by number image


Website and hosting tools

Do you need help setting up your online store or business? Do you need customized designs, specially integrated software and payment gates? These people can help you and they have a fantastic track record. Take a look:

Shapeshift – For custom website designs, software integrations, all the details hooked up in a way that looks simple, smooth and classy. Reasonably priced, excellent service.

Afrihost – For your hosting needs. This company’s tech support is quick and reliable, every time. Perfect for you if you are based in South Africa.

Common Questions About Growing Your Online Customer Base

A super quick and basic lesson in SEO (search engine optimization) is to Google the issue you’re talking about and see what comes up. Use the top questions displayed from Google to add to your post. Make sure to answer those questions in your post. Lastly, scroll all the way to the bottom of the search results and look for the related searches.

How do I get more customers online?

What are your customers looking for and where are they looking for it? Create content that helps them find the solutions you offer to their problems. Share the content using the tools mentioned above. Use different techniques to get their attention, such as:

  • holding a sale or a competition
  • offer free samples or trials
  • partner with another company and benefit from each others’ audience
  • offer a new product or service or create a new combination offer
  • participate in relevant social media platforms – be helpful, don’t be overly sales-y.

How do I grow my business faster online?

  • Do more research and identify opportunities your competition may be missing out on. Even if it’s a small gap, it can make a huge difference.
  • Consider creating a loyalty-rewards system or subscription system.
  • Build on what’s been working the best for your business so far – in other words, add something new to your current offering that makes sense. (Think Apple – they went from iPod, to iTunes and iPhone, etc.)

How do I stop procrastinating and rock my business?

  • Get a business coach or mentor who can keep you accountable. Join a network of business people who are in the same as well as different fields than you. Learn from them.
  • Read inspiring stories to keep yourself motivated. Break your goals up into short-term to-do lists.  Take action, every day, in some way or another. 
  • Celebrate when you achieve milestones along the way to your big goals!

The Last Thing You Need to Know about growing your customer base online

There is support available on various online platforms and even your local networks, but it is up to you to step out, put your business out there and connect.

It takes time and effort. It’s unlikely that you will have booming orders overnight (and that can present other infrastructure challenges), but if you do your research – ask your target audience what they want and need – and offer solutions in a way that aligns with your brand values and goals, you are off to a good start.

You are not alone. Don’t be afraid to try, to fail and to learn before you succeed. Take a step forward every single day.

If you want help with the content for these tools mentioned above to grow your business, contact us!

Comment below on what your favourite tools are for growing your customer base online and let’s help others! If this post was helpful to you, please share and subscribe. Thanks!

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