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The Beginner’s Guide to Blog Content for Your Business

Have you ever looked at business blogs and wondered who on earth ever has the time to write them? Businesses are supposed to be busy with clients, selling services and products and making money, right? So does blog content actually help you make money? Yes, it can and it does, when it’s done right. If you’re too busy with your business to even think about blog content, you are leaving money on the table…

What is so important about businesses having blog content?

Whatever your business may be, you offer something that connects with a consumer, client or patient.  But before you get money in your pocket, the buyer must first be persuaded to buy, right?

How would you like to make your buying conversations a little shorter? Or just cash in on the millennials who know their way around the internet and are looking for information on providers in your industry? Blog content helps you do this because it provides information that answers buyers’ questions.

Buyers read the information on what makes your products or services so special in comparison to competitors, and you get to attract your ideal buyer, simply by putting your info online in a way that appeals and guides them to the transaction.

Blog content for your business also creates an easy go-to resource for your buyers’ frequently asked questions. It reassures the buyer that you have covered every objection and concern they have. A simple link to this type of blog on your website and social media platforms can save you so much time in explanation – time that you could use to finalise transactions instead!

You can tell stories about how your product or service helped a client and made a difference in their life, which reassures the buyer that you know what you’re doing. It’s a great space for client reviews, the crucial info that every buyer on the internet looks for before they decide to part with their money. The more services or products you have and the more clients you’ve helped, the more stories you can tell in blog content form for your business, catering to various types of buyers, even those you didn’t expect!

All of these reasons mean that high-quality blog content helps position your business online as an authority, a credible provider of your type of field or product and it enables more people to find your business online and buy from you.

How to get started with blog content for your business

You’re busy running your business, meeting clients and working on your unrelenting admin load of emails. You know your business inside out, but putting it all down in a blog format that is easy to read and understand may not come so naturally. There are essential factors to consider such as SEO, call-to-action, content strategy, etc. This is where we come in! At the House of Blogs, you simply decide how long you want the blogs to be, and place your order.

We do the copywriting – writing excellent content that helps you sell what you do. We make your business look good and the content true to your brand’s style and tone. You get blog content that you can simply upload to your site, share to social media platforms and with your clients. You could even repurpose it into flyers or other formats.

Tips for successful business blog content

Successful business blog content needs to be:

  • Relevant to the reader, answer their questions, solve their problems (we help you with this)
  • Truthful – don’t make claims you cannot substantiate.
  • Contain keywords relevant to your industry – we take care of this, don’t worry!
  • Be appealing and simple – easy to read and understand, get to the point (this is a copywriting skill)
  • Have a call to action – get your reader to buy/go to your website/share your content, etc.
  • Attract attention, traffic and ultimately, sales – all of the above achieves this!

Common Questions about buying blog content

  • How do I know I’ll get good blogs?

    House of Blogs comes with ten years of copywriting experience in working on various types of content for clients across different industries. This also means that we have a network of knowledgeable experts in our circle to whom we can refer for extra input when required. You will get creativity, a fresh take on your business content and if you’re not happy with the first draft, we’re happy to do a round of revisions with you.

  • Why not just write my own business blog content?

    You could do it. But the key is to do it consistently. Do you have the time to add yet another business commitment to your plate? Do you have someone on your team who is skilled enough to edit and sharpen your writing? If not, you run the risk of writing pieces that will not attract your target audience and will miss the mark of what they’re looking for – consequently wasting your effort, time and even money. Even if you’re brilliant, there’s something to be said for a fresh eye on your business content.

  • I’m not sure I can afford to buy blogs for my business?

    Given what blogging can do for your business in the long run, and how short most entrepreneurs and business owners are on time, you cannot afford not to.  Even if your business doesn’t have a blog, creating marketing material is still essential, so you might as well get it done properly. If you’re unsure, start with a single blog and see how it refreshes your perspective on your business. Objective input can help you see more potential in your vision.

  • How does it work when I order blog content?

    After making payment, you’ll receive an email acknowledging your order and asking you a few questions about your business, such as what field you’re in, your website URL, social media platforms, the kind of blog content you would like (list-type, interview Q&A, informational, case study, etc) and what you would like readers to do after reading the blog. Provide as much helpful background information as you can, as this will help ensure you get blog content that is correct, on-brand and helpful the first time around. 

  • What if I don’t like the blog I bought?

    You will receive a draft blog after placing your order and submitting the info we requested. You then get a round of revision where you can request changes and add comments where you prefer a change of tone, word choice, more info, etc. We implement the changes you request and then send you the final draft. This ensures that you get content you’re happy with.

  • What happens after I receive blog content for my business?

    You will receive your blogs via email, in Word-format, along with images. Send this to your website manager to upload to your business website, or you can upload it yourself. You are free to use the content as you wish, however, a discount will be offered to clients who credit writers of House of Blogs with authorship.

  • Can I order a series of blogs?

    Yes, this is a great idea and foundational to the success of blogging! Regular original content boosts your site’s ranking on Google, boosts your traffic and increases your online authority, creating even more profitable opportunities in the long run! We will suggest a content strategy to help the sequence of blogs make sense and give the reader an idea of what to look forward to. Expectation and excitement are marketing gold!

  • What if I want more than just blogs?

House of Blogs can also provide other services, such as turning content you already have into other formats, writing social media posts, editing your content, providing content strategy, or translation (between English and Afrikaans).

The Last Thing You Need to Know about blogs for your business

Blogs can help you grow your business, authority and even your competitive advantage. If you are offering something that your competitors are not, well done. Why not do the same online by creating information that explains your unique selling proposition? Highlight it by creating stories that appeal to your target audience, reassure them that you can solve their problems, meet their need and connect with them.

Ready to order your blog and give your business an online voice? Let’s tell your story. Click here.

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  3. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that make the most important changes.
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