About Me

I’m the copywriter who makes it about your story. Your business. Your service. Your products. And of course, your audience.


This is the space where education professionals and health professionals can come for copy that will make you stand out.


I believe that your business can make meaningful connections and a bigger impact – both for you and for your audience. It’s a wonderful privilege to help you do that by working on your content.


I’m inspired by caffeine, stashes of dark chocolate, my family and beloved chow dog, and the little things in life. And, of course, plants. Yes, I LOVE my work. I love ideas and the thrill of creating strategies that help you turn possibilities into reality. It’s exciting to help you succeed, because to me, that’s succeeding at life.

Who I Am

Introverted rebel.

Approachable after coffee consumption.

Refreshingly honest. 

A creative yet practical thinker. 

My Mission

To make your business content hit the mark and boost growth through research, strategic thinking, creativity, and honesty.

What I Do

I turn your business story into compelling content that makes people take action – aka BUY, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE.

My Experience

I’ve worked with authors such as Dolly Kyle, Alette Winckler and others. I’ve edited for a number of academic professionals and students in South Africa’s universities. I also enjoy working with business coaches and start-up experts such as Lauren Dallas, because business is education! I was recently featured on Women On Top. Other collaborations include role players in the home education sector, such as SAHomeschoolers.org, Dr. Debra Bell, and others. 

Why Choose Me?

Words are fun. The pen is mighty. It gives me a thrill to skillfully write words that can improve someone’s life, business, and impact.

I’ve always been intrigued by people’s stories, and this way, I get to collect them, appreciate them, and meet wonderful individuals who are working towards their goals. Inspiration goes both ways!

It’s an art to write copy that makes people feel heard and understood, but that is what helps turn readers into buying customers. 

I have a knack for being articulate, putting words to the unique attributes that make your offering irresistible.

Combine that and you’ve got authentic copy your customers can relate to.

There’s so much noise online now, it’s hard to stand out and be heard. I find the gaps that can help you do just that. Hint: It’s simpler than you think!

As a communicator, you will always get progress updates, questions, and actionable suggestions from me. Deadlines are my friend.

Working on content and copy is a collaborative effort – let’s bring clarity to what you need and get it done.

SEO can give business owners an instant headache. Too many factors to think about. I incorporate SEO requirements into all content in a way that’s natural, sounds human, gets readers, and makes Google happy.

What clients Have Said

Heideli is an excellent freelance content writer. She has written many articles for Xperiencify, is always on time, and turns in publish-worthy first drafts. She is also delightful and easy to work with. She makes my job as an Editor very easy. I highly recommend taking advantage of Heideli's talent (as I do whenever I can!).
Tamara Toles
Editor-in-Chief for Xperiencify
Heideli has done copywriting for the SAHomeschoolers.org website for a few years already. It has been a pleasure to work with her because she works independently, does thorough work and gives creative proposals.
Bouwe van der Eems
Co-founder of SAHomeschoolers
I have had the pleasure of working with Heideli on several communication campaigns for our organisation. Her skills include strategic thinking, which asks constructive and relevant questions that drill-down to the essence of what one is wanting to communicate. Heideli's sense of humor, creativity, integrity and exemplary work ethic make for a great team-player. I highly recommend her copywriting and strategic thinking skills to any organisation.
Marc Ries
Managing Director at Bring Life2Learning PTY Ltd
Heideli Loubser has a quick, artistic, creative mind and the ability to articulate her visions clearly. As a beta-reader and second eye for five of my books (including my 2016 best-seller Hillary the Other Woman), Heideli has contributed insightful, honest, invaluable feedback. She is always prompt to respond (despite our seven-hour time-zone difference), and I can count on her for objectivity, balance, and reason. We have worked in different genres over these years, and she considers the message as well as its target audience, in order to help me produce the intended results. Heideli also has a great sense of humor, which is much appreciated when deadlines loom and tensions rise. It is a pleasure to have Heideli on my A-team.
Dolly Kyle Browning
Author, Speaker, Lawyer, US
Heideli has written copy for a number of our lifestyle clients. A copywriter who loves the story of the people behind a business, she easily maintains the tone and style of a brand while adding something fresh, clear and creative. A pleasure to work with and always reliable.
Ricky van der Walt
Chief Growth Officer of Shapeshift Digital Agency
From the very first interaction with Heideli, I knew I had found a rising star. I was super impressed with her attention to detail and how she organized her work. The most positive aspect of working with Heideli is how well she communicates her plan for approaching every project. This allowed me to suggest changes before she starts writing, ensuring the copy she delivers is spot on. On top of that, her cheerful personality makes her a joy to work with and she is meticulous about delivering exactly what I need. Heideli is someone I can count on to deliver her best, because she holds herself to a higher standard.
Tony Stark
Chief of the Copy Avengers
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