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I provide digital marketing strategy and marketing content for my two favourite groups of people:

1. education professionals (curriculum providers, training providers, etc.) and 

2. health professionals such as naturopaths, coaches, nutritionists, therapists, 

counsellors, and doctors.


tending to your strategy, content, and results



Would you like a thinking partner to bounce ideas with?

Need a second eye on your content? I’m here for you.


Clarity, strategy & content

I help you get clarity on what’s missing in your digital marketing, fill in the gaps, set up a practical strategy, and implement it WITH and/or FOR you.


Monthly marketing content

Struggling with content marketing? I have a process that makes it easy, simple, and gets it DONE for you.

Heideli Loubser

A Few Words About me

Copywriter. Clarity creator. 

Idea sparker.

Person who sprouts the inspiration you need from a keyboard.

I like to add spunk to jargon, spice to boring terminology, and wit to worn-out, same-old, marketing blah-blah.



I write real, authentic, conversational copy that’s true to your brand, because truth connects.


My experience and processes save you time, expand your audience, and sets you apart.


Let’s bring your brand message to life.

Three important reasons

why me?

Experienced in life and copywriting

Living through challenges makes for honest and more courageous writing. Practicing the craft adds mastery. I bring all of it.

I care about your story and your target audience

Behind every business is a person with a story. I want to hear yours and help you use it to impact your target audience.

I write copy that connects.

Connection is about relatability, pain, hope, desire, and persuasion. I help you with copy that MOVES your clients to act.

13+ Years of developing a superpower that moves people - to read eagerly, to connect, to act with conviction, to buy, to stand up, to heal, and to touch their dreams with hope.

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it until it begins to shine.”

-Emily Dickinson

Some of My

Recent Projects

Check out some of the latest pieces to get an idea of what I can do for you.

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